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We want to hear from you. Share a great fred’s Super Dollar shopping experience with us and other shoppers here. For specific questions or store-related comments, please use our Feedback form. Thanks for visiting!

I love the low prices on all cleaning supplys, TP and Paper towles. Everything in the store is marked afordable. I had rather buy Freds brand than the name brand cause your only paying for the name anyway. Most of the time name brand manufactures just put Feedsname on it anyway. Same product just a diffrent name to be sold at a lower cost. So go ahead Wally world jack your prices up. Im shopping at Freds for all my needs.

Thanks Freds For Being Having The Brands My Family Need At A Very Fair Price. I Will Always Shop At Freds.

freds is a great place to shop.

I love how they have lots of things for $1. its really helpful when you just need a snack or if you need to run an errand.

I buy the Fred’s Crackers all the time. My son loves the Bryms Pork Skins, too.

I LOVE Fred’s Mac & Cheese. Better than the name brand and not as salty!

I tell you what my fav – fred’s brand product is… believe it or not… their toilet paper lol. I think it’s pretty comparable to many of the name brands. I even prefer the fred’s brand to the name brand. :)

Fred’s TP is GREAT! Love the price and better than the name brand! Just as SOFT!

Fred’s toilet paper is my absolute favorite. I embarrass my wife when I recommend it to anyone who’s in the aisle making a selection. It’s soft and it has more on the roll than the “leading” brand; also tough.

I agree, the Fred’s brand of tissue lasts my fam., and I so much more than Charmin ever could. I don’t feel that I have to do as much inventory on this item and can focus more on other important things in life. Always Smiles, Mrs. Shade n family.

I totally agree with Susan and Casey about Fred’s TP—–I buy no other now and also love the coupons on sugar, bleach, etc. Buy loads of items at Fred’s now rather than Wal Mart and all my meds. Best pharmacy I know. The Fred’s puppy papers are the best I have found anywhere-lots better than expensive name brands. All staff are just terrific and so helpful and friendly. Have no complaints about anything I just guess you could say ” I LOVE FRED”S”!!

We LOVE the Fred’s cereals – they’re great!

I drive from another county in Georgia just to get puppy/dog pads. They are 100% better than any other brand that I have tried. I buy the Fred’s 100 pack and I will not buy any other brands if I can help it. Fred’s is so cost effective and a good product. I haven’t bought anything yet that I was dissatisfied with…everything is well worth the low cost and good quality. Thank you for helping keep our spending low and for giving us a good product with the lower price.

I love the freds in White Bluff, TN. The store manager is just a delight and the employess are above exceptional. They always take great care of me. I love finding the prices on everything and cannot complain about how great the store always looks. I look forward to seeing what their next new items are going to be.

Fred’s has reasonable brand name food costs and store brand items that taste good. The Fred’s chips are really good compared to name brand and much cheaper. It is my one stop store not far from my house. I loved it so much I was able to get my high schooler a job there. I love Fred’s.

I decided to purchase your Saltine Crackers. To be truthful I figured they would not be as good as Premium saltines. Oh my goodness, they are so good. I do not have to buy expensive saltines ever again. Fred’s has a winner in this item. Thank you for taking care of us who’s budget is tight.

I wondered about the saltines. Thanks. Hubby bought the name brand for much more and I was upset. I will make sure Fred’s is the brand I buy. He never gives store brands a fair chance but I do.

I just love Fred’s. I always go there for all my layaways, and they’ve got just the toys my daughter likes. I do buy the clotes for summer and that works out perfect the people in Fred’s have always been so nice to me and my family. Thank you Fred’s for always being there. Now I just need to buy a printer to get the coupons.

I love the Taco Bell Dressing, and you can’t beat the Fred’s price.

1st time to store excellent apperance …. was just going to look but ended up spending 130 but reallly good buys…. bought stuff for church and for christmas…

I got all my wedding decorations from Fred’s and saved hundreds of dollars compared to going to the local party store!!!!!! I was super excited!!!!!!

Been checking the prices everywhere, my daughter is getting married monday and i will be going back to fred’s tomorrow and spending my money to get ready for it. The first shopping trip i have looked forward to in a long time, i love the way i save at fred’s

We love, love, love: did I mention we love the prices we get on pepsi products at our local Freds!!! <3

Trish… I so agree with you… we also LOVE LOVE LOVE the soft drink prices.. We just stocked up yesterday and it was MUCH cheaper than any other stores in our area!!!!

All of the Fred’s Crackers are great! Everyone should give them a try – you won’t be disappointed!!

I can’t wait to see how fred’s crackers compare to name brands.

LMH – I tried the crackers (on sale for $1) and they are just as good – if not better than the name brand! – love it

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