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Shopping at fred’s for your car care needs can prolong the life of your vehicle and make your money go further. We have an assortment of oil and oil filters, antifreeze/coolant, window washer fluids, fuel treatments, engine protectants, tools, bulbs, air fresheners and many car accessories. Giving your car an oil change is a simple and inexpensive way to prolong the life of your car.

Choose from the following automotive supply brands:
  • PEAK®
  • And more!
Oil Change Tips

Warm up to the task: Before starting an oil change, drive your car for 5-10 minutes. It will warm up the oil so that it will flow easier, allowing you to drain as much as possible.

You know jack: Your car jack is there to lift your car. Use jack stands to securely prop up your vehicle. Never crawl under a car supported by a car jack only!

Wrench it right: The correct tool to remove your oil pan drain plug is the exact-sized wrench (usually metric). Never use an adjustable or socket wrench, they can strip the bolt.

Use your hands: When securing your oil filter, tighten it with your hand. Never use a filter wrench.

Save more than money: Changing your own oil can save you money. Recycling your old oil can help save the earth. Most service stations and some national auto parts retailers will accept oil to recycle.

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