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fred’s brand paper towels are the best! Great quality!

I love the fact that you can print coupons from the Fred’s website and use them. They have Fred’s brand & name brand coupons. They also double coupons up to $0.70 on Saturdays!! LOVE saving money at Fred’s!!

I wanted to share with everyone about Fred’s Brand Toilet Paper. I am a picky picky person when it comes to toilet paper. I generally buy a name brand such as Charmin. Recently I was in my local Fred’s and they had Charmin @$10 plus change for 24 regular rolls and on the same shelf right beside it was the Fred’s brand 24 rolls @$7 and some change. Normally I wouldn’t bother but I got to thinking about that $3 savings. I held the two packages up side by side which I had never done and guess what? Ignoring the wrapping and looking at the rolls of paper themselves I couldn’t tell the least difference. So, I grabbed a package of the Fred’s saving the $3 difference and since the first week of the month have been using it and again I am pleasantly surprised to find the Fred’s brand even better than the Charmin. What a surprise! I will definitely be buy and trying more Fred’s brand products to see if the quality is as good as this purchase was.

The Fred’s brand Puppy Pads are actually more absorbant than the name brand ones in my opinion. I have tried several different kinds and for the money you spend the Fred’s brand are really better.

Your Fred’s brand Honey Graham crackers are delicious–and your your Fred’s brand peanut butter is equally tasty. Together, they make up one of my favorite snacks! :) Fred’s is an ideal place to shop. You have great variety and reasonable prices. It’s a wonderful place to go when you need a quick gift, grocery item or health-related product. We love our Fred’s store!

Fred’s is my go to place for many items. I have always been big on namebrands for certain items I purchase. I recently had a severe case of “Shingles” there was a certain Fred’s product that worked the best and gave me much longer relief then the name brand product. Ive been experimenting with all Fred’s brand products since. I must admit the coffee is a very close 2nd to folger’s or maxwell house. Thanks Fred’s for offering the quality in your products and giving the consumer a way to save money. For me it saves time as well. Fred’s is 3 mins. from my home. The closest Wal-Mart is almost 20 miles.

Fred’s stores are just the right size with just the right selection and just the right prices. At least half of my everyday shopping is done at Fred’s.

I am from Minnesota and moved to Arkansas. I had never heard of Fred’s and I was introduced to the wonderful products Fred’s offers and I enjoy shopping there almost weekly. :-) Thank you Fred!

Don’t take my word for it—Ask my little Cindy puppy—which cookie is the best? Oreo’s or Freddie-o’s—She picks Freddie-o’s every time. The Oreo’s just lays there and she begs until the favorite Freddie-o comes. My husband agrees only he won’t beg.

Fred’s brands are great quality and the price is excellent!! I love shopping at my local Fred’s!!

Why pay more? Fred’s brands are just as good and much cheaper!

I find what I shop for that Fred’s Super Dollar is the best!

I love Fred’s Brand Products! I have been making an effort to choose them not just for the points but for the quality and the price. I love my Fred’s store!

I agree. Fred’s brands are good quality and great prices.

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