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Founded in 1979, Ranir manufactures a broad spectrum of oral-care products, including toothbrushes, dental floss, dental flossers, travel kits, whitening products and other dental accessories. The company’s private-label products compete against the leading national brands by offering product features and functionality that compare to or improve upon the national brands at significant savings to consumers.

Ranir has a strong reputation for both quality and outstanding customer service. The company provides fred’s customers ongoing, unparalleled analysis of the oral-care categories in which fred’s competes; this allows for fact-based recommendations as to how fred’s can tailor Ranir’s assortment of private-label products to meet the needs of the fred’s customer.

All of Ranir’s fully integrated manufacturing facilities are dedicated to creating products, designed to specifications, that meet or exceed fred’s quality standards. Ranir follows extensive review and testing programs to ensure the excellence of its designs, materials, processes and products. All of the company’s facilities maintain quality standards that go beyond current best manufacturing practices worldwide.

Customers have recognized Ranir for its superior customer service. Over the past 10 years, many retail customers have presented the company with supplier recognition awards, including the PLBuyer’s Category Colonel Award for Oral Care.

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