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Featured fred's Brand Supplier


Founded in 1980, LNK is a family owned and operated,
over-the-counter pharmaceutical manufacturer located in
Hauppauge, NY. Over the years, the company has grown
but never at the expense of quality. Today it produces over
140 formulas in the pain relief, cough & cold and
gastro-intestinal categories.

LNK International’s mission is to provide the highest quality
over-the-counter pharmaceuticals to satisfy the needs of our
customers and the health and safety of their end users.

Their commitment to quality means that their products will meet
FDA (Food and Drug Administration) statutory and regulatory

They achieve this through compliance with Good Manufacturing
Practices, a culture of continuous improvement and strong
relationships with clients and end user.

LNK has been partnering with fred’s for over 8 years, and are
honored to be able to supply them with 26 fred’s brand label
products today.