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freds-block-brand-supplier-1-20151230 PLD Executives Mitch Singer (CEO), Evan Singer (President), and Adam Singer (VP Infrastructure & Projects) standing along the production line in PLD’s Westbury, NY facility.

PL Developments®, also known as PLD, is a leading manufacturer, packager and distributor of over-the-counter (OTC) pharmaceutical products and consumer healthcare goods. With over 1,000 employees and more than 1 million square feet of state-of-the-art pharmaceutical facilities, PLD is a global player in the healthcare business. fred’s is proud to partner with PLD to bring high quality, low cost OTC medications to our customers.

At PLD, all production and material handling is performed under strict FDA guidelines and Current Good Manufacturing Practices. This ensures that every product meets or exceeds industry standards. In fact, PLD remedies are routinely sent out to independent test labs via customers for evaluation and have consistently shown that PLD products are comparable in quality and effectiveness to respective national brands.

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