Board of Directors

Thomas J. Tashjian Chairman of the Board of fred's,Thomas J. Tashjian is now a private investor. Between 1996 and 2001, Mr. Tashjian served as a managing director and consumer group leader at Banc of America Montgomery Securities in San Francisco, where he provided the firm's views on the retailing industry. Prior to that, he held similar positions at First Manhattan Company, Seidler Companies, and Prudential Securities. His earlier retail operating experience was in discount retailing at the Ayrway Stores, which were acquired by Target, and in the restaurant business at Noble Roman's.

John R. Eisenman John R. Eisenman is involved in real estate investment. Mr. Eisenman has been engaged in commercial and industrial real estate brokerage and development since 1983. Previously, he founded and served as President of Sally's, a chain of fast food restaurants, from 1976 to 1983, and prior thereto held various management positions in manufacturing and in securities brokerage. Mr. Eisenman has served as a director since the Company's initial public offering in March 1992.

Steven R. Fitzpatrick Steven R. Fitzpatrick was the President of Accredo Health Group, Inc., a specialty pharmacy subsidiary of Medco Health Solutions, Inc., a position he held until he retired in June 2011. Mr. Fitzpatrick joined Accredo in 2001 as President of its subsidiary, Sunrise Health Management, Inc., and was named President of Accredo Therapeutics, Inc. in February 2002. With the acquisition of Accredo by Medco Health Solutions, Inc. in August 2005, Mr. Fitzpatrick assumed responsibility for both Accredo Therapeutics and Accredo Specialty Care Services (formerly Medco Specialty Solutions). In March 2006, Mr. Fitzpatrick became Chief Operating Officer of Accredo Health Group and was named President in June 2008. Prior to joining Accredo, Mr. Fitzpatrick held senior management positions with Abbott Laboratories, Block Medical, PharmaThera and Nations Healthcare.

Michael T. McMillan Michael T. McMillan, named to the Company's Board in February 2007, currently serves as Director of Franchise Development for Pepsi-Cola North America, a Division of PepsiCo, where he has spent the last 22 years in various roles including marketing, sales, franchise development, and general management of its bottling operations.

B. Mary McNabb Mary McNabb, named to the Board in April 2005, is the former Chief Executive Officer of Kid's Outlet in California. Ms. McNabb was formerly an executive vice president and director of The Mowbray Group, a California-based retail consulting firm that specializes in problem-solving, cost reductions, importing, and inventory management. Before that, she was executive vice president of merchandising and marketing for Factory 2-U, vice president of sourcing for S-Q of California, and West Coast manager/buyer for One Price Clothing, Inc.

Jerry A. Shore Jerry A. Shore served as Chief Executive Officer from October 2014 to August 2016. He joined fred's in April 2000 as Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer. In February 2009, he was promoted to EVP, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Administrative Officer. In January 2014, he was promoted to EVP, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer. Prior to joining the Company, Mr. Shore was employed by Wang’s International, a major importing and wholesale distribution company as Chief Financial Officer from 1989 to 2000, and in various financial management capacities with IPS Corp., and Caterpillar, Inc. from 1975 to 1989.

Michael J. Hayes Chairman Emeritus of the Board of fred's, Michael J. Hayes was elected as director of the Company in January 1987 and has been a Managing Director of the Company since October 1989. Mr. Hayes served as Chief Executive Officer from October 1989 through January 2009. He was previously employed by Oppenheimer & Company, Inc. in various capacities from 1976 to 1985, including Managing Director and Executive Vice President - Corporate Finance and Financial Services.

Executive Officers

Michael K. Bloom President and Chief Executive Officer

Craig Barnes Chief Operating Officer – Front Store

Timothy A. Leibmann Chief Operating Officer – Healthcare

Rick Hans Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer

Mary Lou Gardner Executive Vice President/Chief Merchandising and Marketing Officer

John Foley Executive Vice President - Store Operations

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