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Congratulations Monteagle, TN!

Like a swan! I have been shopping at fred’s in Monteagle, TN for several years. Many times I have thought about sending a message to thank you for the cleanliness of this store, the efficiency of the pharmacy, and the kind and considerate service of the employees. Today, after leaving the store and driving home, I realized I did not have the prescription that I had just picked up! I panicked! Upon returning to the store, I went straight to the pharmacy, HOPING that my prescription had been found! Indeed, it had. Joyce, the store manager, had found it and turned it into the pharmacy. After the relief of knowing my prescription was intact, I found Joyce, gave her a hug, and told her how grateful I was to her for her kindness in this matter. She said, “I just did what I would hope someone would do for me.” You have to be proud of such employees. I hope that you will acknowledge Joyce for her honesty and kindness. I am certainly happy to finally write to you and thank you, for this very signicant kind and honest gesture Joyce showed toward a customer today. Sincerely, Rea M.

Congratulations Hammond, LA!

I just want to make you aware of what a valuable asset you have in your manager of the Hammond, LA store, Virgil Hess. I had a problem with a fireplace that I purchased from that store last week. It appeared to have been possibly a returned item and was missing items when I opened it. I notified customer service, who in turn contacted a district manager, who in turn contacted the manager of the store, Virgil Hess. He also had been the employee who checked me out at the store initially and carried the fireplace to my car the day I purchased it. He had assured me at that time if there was a problem, I could bring it back. Upon his being contacted about the problem, he emailed and asked that I call him the next day. By that time he had located a replacement for me, and as I live about 45 miles from that store and it was New Year’s Day (I was just passing thru Hammond on my way home from holiday), I said I would come pick it up the next day. Instead, he offered to bring it to me the next day, which obviously was his day off. We scheduled a time and he called me when he was on his way to make sure I was home. He took it out of the box, made sure all the parts and instructions were there, and set it up for me. All I can say is that you are blessed by an excellent employee like him, and he deserves commendation (and I recommend a salary increase!). I only wish there were a fred’s in my area (Metairie, LA).

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