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Congratulations Edgefield, SC!

My name is Gloria and I was in fred’s Saturday and I want to say that store was very clean and neat. The employees were nice and helpful, always speaking to me in every section I was in to ask if I needed help. Sarah was there and Brandon; great customer service. Great job on training, I will be going back.

Congratulations Murray, KY!

Ms. Miller called with a compliment. She wanted to inform us of the great customer service given by Steven. She was looking for two computers for grandkids and contacted the store. Steven placed two computers behind counter for her to pick up Saturday. She picked up computers and needed to get two more. The cashier couldn’t locate any more. Steven walked up and informed them that some were in the back. He located two more computers and Ms. Miller purchased all four. She states Steven is patience, nice and helpful. He has a great personality and smile.

Congratulations Purvis, MS!

I would like to send a letter of commendation for Mrs. Sue that works at the Purvis, Mississippi fred’s. I regret that I don’t know her last name but she is a senior lady that usually works the cash register. She has always been friendly and caring. We are moving and I told her today how much I had enjoyed her service. I hope that the cashier in Richton, Mississippi will be the same. fred’s is lucky to have an employee like Mrs. Sue.

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