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Congratulations Kinder, LA!

This fred's is the cleanest, neatest, has the most polite employees and is best all-around fred's I have ever shopped at. The shelves are always “fronted” perfectly, never any unloaded inventory in the aisles. It always smells so clean and fresh all the time. The restroom is even immaculate! These employees need to be commended for the pride they have in their jobs! The Kinder, LA location is near our camp, so I only shop there when we are there. I would shop there all the time.

Congratulations Dickson, TN!

While shopping in the Dickson, TN store on Tuesday evening I encountered excellent customer service from a very hard working employee named Keri. I had asked her a question then I noticed her nametag said “Hello I’m deaf”. That did not stop her from producing a pen and paper as she helped me find what I needed. I would like to commend that store for supporting people with disabilities in the community and I will continue to be a loyal customer.

Congratulations INDIANOLA, MS!

I want to thank all the hard working, friendly, helpful, and nice ladies that work at fred's 1920 in Indianola, MS. However, Clarissa Carson is the sweetest cashier that I have met so far. She always greets me with a smile, points me to what I need and sometimes she even gets the items I need. I want to wish her good luck and that she continue to work hard, because she does her job well. Stay sweet, confident, and encouraging. I look forward to shopping at fred's more just to see your beautiful smile and great customer service.

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