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Congratulations Colbert, GA!

I wanted to give thanks and recognition to the Colbert fred's. I am a regular customer that shops weekly and the employees are awesome. The store manager Tara works hard just as hard as the rest of the staff. She always greets everyone with a smile and speaks. She not only treats her customers like they are important, I see her treat her employees with respect and dignity. She is usually running the register herself. Every time, I see her, she is always smiling and she speaks and will carry on a conversation. Like I said before, I am a regular customer and have been coming to this fred's for years and the current employees there are just awesome and are the friendliest in this whole town. fred's should be very proud to have employees that actually care about their customers and show respect to us and within themselves as a company.

Congratulations Hazlehurst, MS!

My name is Cathy Miller and I am a loyal customer of fred's store #1835. I would like to let you know what a wonderful person you have as the manager in Hazlehurst. Maxine Taylor she has a heart of gold. She takes such pride in her job and her customers. My son Shane, who has cancer, had a fundraiser last month and Ms. Maxine, out of her own pocket, bought 150 to go trays and napkins. You have no idea what she means to her customers. She is an angel and just a gift to us all that visit her store. I choose to shop fred's over all the other stores because of Ms. Maxine and her other employees!

Congratulations Hodges, SC!

Just would like to say that I love shopping at fred's. Everything I need just in one place. I got to tell u about the great customer service I got when I visited the Hodges store. Once I walked in the door I was greeted by the nicest cashier her nametag said Ashley. Her smile made me smile. What made it better is when I was looking for some covered plates this new person that I’ve never seen before helped me. I asked her how long she’s been here and she told me she was the new store manager. I was very pleased with Shuntella she helped me. I’m not used to anyone walking me over to the product I’m looking for but she did. I will continue shopping here I had stopped but just by receiving such helpfulness I’m back at fred's.

Congratulations Lindale, TX!

You have given Lindale a godsend when you placed Mr. Jose Jorkkin here as manager. He is the most pleasant man I have ever met. Mr. Jorkkin always greets everyone with a happy smile. He asks how they are doing today and is there anything he can do to help you find what you need. We had a fire in one of our apartment complexes overnight and there were two families burned out. One of the families had support the other didn’t. The town has a web family so they call on the people of Lindale and surrounding towns to help this single father and son who had lost everything in the fire. I went in to fred's to buy a frying pan set and plate set that was on clearance but didn’t have quite enough money so Mr. Jorkkin helped me pay for it. Which was so sweet of him. He always tells you to have a blessed day when you leave which always picks up my day.

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