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Congratulations Gonzales, LA!

Since early 2011, I’ve been shopping at fred's for our office supplies & also for my personal pet supplies, gifts, etc. I have never had an unpleasant experience. In fact, if I’ve ever had a problem, even as small being 3rd in line, you can bet the manager will jump up and open a new register to check us out and eliminate any wait time. His name I believe is Ronald. He is a tall man with a smile as big as Texas. He can look intimidating as he is very tall, but as soon as you interact with him, you clearly see he has a customer first mentality. He is the reason I continue to come back to that store, even if it may be more convenient to go somewhere closer. So often in retail, we hear everything we do wrong, but rarely anything we do right. The other manager, a woman who is always courteous and friendly is wonderful as well. I appreciate all the attention, assistance, and support as a fred's repeat customer

Congratulations Holly Springs, MS!

Hello, I want to thank Tonya who I have known from going into fred's and the store manager Lesa, I was in the store last Thursday and Lesa checked me out, I spent $154.00 that day, just to let you know how long I was in the store. I have multiple sclerosis and at that point of being at the register, I was tired and it has gotten to me. I’m not use to doing long shopping, I leave that up to my husband, but I needed to get some shopping done we had company coming in. She went out of her way to make sure I was ok, She grab all of my items and put them on the counter then checked me out, put it in the basket and made me smile as Tonya was coming in, she ask her to help me and she also made me felt great by putting all of my items in my car. I just want to thank both of them and let them both know that I felt secure shopping alone in the store with people like those two.”

Congratulations Shreveport, LA!

I can not tell you how surprised I was when I went to fred's the other day. Not only did they have new employee’s, but the store was neat as a pin. Now I always loved all his other employees and thought they couldn’t be any better, The new one’s were so nice and helpful. As for the store, it was so neat. So I would say John and Josh are doing a great job in improving the store. Oh, John, was so more relaxed, happy ,and funny, I usually don’t get this involved in the people who work in a store, but they have always treated my husband and I like we are family.”

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