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Congratulations Williston, SC!

I was a customer in fred's of Williston, SC on June 13 and by accident left my wallet on the counter. I was headed to Charleston, SC and was about two hours from Williston when I realized that I was without my wallet. I called back to the store and spoke to a Manager and thankfully they had my wallet. I had just cashed a check for $200 and had many credit cards that could have been used to basically ruin me,but thanks to the cashier that waited on me all this was avoided! My son drove to the store to pick up my wallet and tried to give the cashier $20 as a reward for her honesty, but she would not accept it. I do not know her name, but the Manager there will remember me. I appreciate her being recognized in some way for her professionalism and her dedication to you her employer and to customers. This truly restores my faith in mankind to know that there really are honest people left in the world.

Congratulations Fairfield, TX!

My name is Carol Treds, I live in Center Texas but I visit Fairfield once a week for my husband has physical therapy he is attending. I always stop in fred's and do a little shopping and kill some time. We have been doing therapy for 9 weeks now. I would love to inform fred's that the general manager Mrs. Candace is the sweetest and most politest woman I’ve met in a long time. When I go into fred's she greets me by name and that is hard to find in today’s time that we live. She always asks me how my husband is doing. You can tell Candace really cares about her customers and she takes her job personally and with a lot of pride. I just feel that fred's needs to know that they have a true genuine manager working at fred's and she deserves to be bragged on. I hope you know it’s hard to find people such as her.

Congratulations Vancleave, MS!

I shopped there on June 10th and the cashier, who has my same name, Alyssa was so friendly. When I forgot an item the store manager, Melissa, went and got it for me. I had my young daughter in my arms and it was so refreshing to get customer service like this. The store was so clean and organized. They never lost the smile on their faces and asked me to come again, and you know what I will. I also got a smart card today and can’t wait to start collect my points. I just wanted to take a minute to compliment these ladies and let you know just what kind of people you have representing your Vancleave store.

Congratulations Columbus, GA!

I want to take the time and let someone know that since fred's has opened, I have been very impressed with the service I receive every time I shop here. The cashiers are very friendly when I enter the store and during checkout. A gentleman by the name of Brandon who identified himself as the assistant manager is extremely helpful by locating items I wasn’t able to find and has made my shopping experiences wonderful by listening and going out of his way to meet my needs each and every time I talked to him. The whole store has been kept very clean and looks wonderful every time I visit, so I wanted to tell someone what a good experience I have had when shopping at fred's since opening in my area.

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