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Congratulations Barnesville, GA!

I just finished a very successful shopping trip with the great help and assistance of Miss Addie and Holly. These 2 are just terrific and really give fred's customer service a great name. I have shopped there many times and have received the same treatment from all the employees. There are so many items in the store and some are difficult to locate. However, every employee is quick to point out the location, and, in Miss Addie’s case, is not content unless she walks you to it and helps in the selection. I strongly encourage that both Miss Addie and Holly be commended and, more importantly, given a raise for excellence

Congratulations Dublin, GA!

I have been shopping at fred's over 6 years now and I have visited multiple fred's all across the country. I went into the store in Dublin, GA over the 4th of July weekend and it was an experience that I felt needed to be shared. When I walked in, I was greeted so friendly and warm that it put a huge smile on my face! I walked further into the store and was then greeted by a manger named Constance. She greeted me so warmly and asked what was I looking for. I told her I was looking for 4th of July decorations. She walked me to the area and she even gave me cute fun ideas for adults and children! She even went as far to as to ask me what my name was, and addressed me by name the rest of my visit. That has never happened to me before. After I was finished she walked me up to the front and wished me luck. The whole time she was helping me she had a smile on her face. She gave GREAT customer service from beginning to end. The store was very clean and organized especially for it to be a holiday. Great job guys keep up the GREAT work.”

Congratulations McGregor, TX!

I really hope you know that our McGregor store is awesome. It is always nicely organized and the employees are very nice. They are working very hard to make it worth coming back again. I really like the older lady manager Janet when her cashier is busy she will go out of her way to help my mom pick out clothes. I was very pleased to observe the other morning the sweet cashier going above her duty. He was on his way in the store with his supplies when his dolly overturned and spilled out into the parking lot. She was pulling out stuff to the sidewalk to sell. When she seen what happened she immediately went out to give him a hand. Every time we shop at fred's this young lady always has the same demeanor. She is always asking people do they need help. I know that when we shop there and we always do it will be pleasant no matter what time of day. Way to go fred's McGregor.

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