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Congratulations Alexandria, AL!

My wife and I were in the Alexandria location today. It was the first time we had been in the store. We were impressed with the product selection and the cleanliness of the store. We were even more impressed when we got to the front of the store and the lady at the register was so friendly and nice. Her name was Stacey. It is not often you go into a store and find someone who works the counter who actually seems to care for their customers. She was very helpful and just a sweet person and made our visit that much more of a success. She talked to us during our visit and laughed and smiled the whole time we were there. The store was well stocked, neat, and clean in appearance. Because we were treated so well at the checkout counter, we will be back. Thank you for a great experience and for having such a nice person at your checkout counters!

Congratulations Kennett, MO!

I have recently shopped in the fred's Super Dollar in Kennett, MO. I had amazing customer service. As soon as I walked in the store, Kara greeted me. As I continued to walk through the store, I met Stephanie, she led me directly to what I was looking for was, and the price on the item was clearly marked. I was at one of my last stops in the grocery department where I saw some employees working hard and they even helped me find what I needed. It excited me to see young people work hard. I approached the register with everything that I needed in hand and a sweet girl named Lea at the register asked me how I was and if I had found everything I was looking for and even asked me if I had a fred's smartcard. She said have a great day and I proceeded to leave. I would strongly recommend fred's Super Dollar in Kennett, MO to everyone I know!

Congratulations White Oak, TX!

My name is Robin, I am a regular customer to the fred's in White Oak, TX and I have always been pleased with all of the employees and the awesome customer service. They have always been helpful and very friendly! On Friday, February 7th, I was having car trouble in the parking lot and I went back in the store to ask Jeff Berg a simple question and instead of just giving me a short answer he came to my car and helped me figure out what the problem was. He has always been very sweet and helpful and I have always enjoyed my visits to that store, but on that day, I was shocked that he went out of his way to help me! I feel it was important to inform you not only of this stores great customer service, but also the wonderful manager and employees you have! Jeff is an outstanding young man with a great attitude and personality, I have yet to go into that store and not see that young man smiling at his customers. In closing of this email, I want to thank you and Jeff for being part of my community! I will send as many people as possible to my White Oak fred's to receive the same great customer service.

Congratulations Westlake, LA!

I recently visited your new fred's store in Westlake and I must say the employees at the store are so friendly. The managers were very knowledgeable and helpful. They really encouraged me to look more into your company and explained the benefits of the smartcard, which I must say I love it! I like to save as much I can since I am on a fixed income. I love the cleanliness of the store; everything was just so neat and pretty. I am coming back to fred's on a regular basis.

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