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Congratulations Pulaski, TN!

I must admit in a small town like Pulaski we have very few places to pick from as far as stores. After running into fred's lately just for the simple reason I didn’t want to walk “miles” to get what I need all over one store and because of holiday crowds I have found they have what I need. The bonus is everyone there is so helpful and kind. Very pleasant store to shop in and clean! I went back again last night and there was a trainee at the register, I believe her name was Candi, she was fabulous, the employees there are not the fake, generic “can I help you” or “have a nice day”, they are genuine friendly and helpful. Not sure what your training process is for your stores or if all fred's stores are this shopper friendly but I believe my new stopping place will be fred's, friendly, easy access to everything and clean!

Congratulations Memphis, TN!

I am here to give you my latest news about fred's store. You all believe in making a difference on the issues our customers and communities care about. fred's business has always work together. Your store is a retail establishment offering a wide range of consumer goods and different products. Your store sells great clothing, home appliance, toys, gardening tools, and other products such as food books and electronic pet food. I didn’t forget the customer service. When you walk in the door. The employee always say, hello, welcome to fred's. Another thing I like is the fred's Smart Card. All those points add up. I Know, you get money at the end of the quarter. PS the store is always clean.

Congratulations Albany, KY!

You need to know that all of the staff at the Albany, KY store is awesome! One in particular, Michael Ferrill is so sweet. I visit the store because of his nice attitude and he knows where to find things that I need. He is very smart and he knows the store! Again, I go there just to see Michael because he makes my day and my shopping a Treat! Give him a raise! Michael is absolutely the best! He has an ambition to be a Chef and travels to London, KY for school. Good guy with a big heart! If I had the money, I would pay for his tuition in a heartbeat. Michael is a very good person. Please help him & support him! He draws a lot of customers to fred's in Albany! Everyone loves Michael!

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