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Congratulations Jacksboro, TX!

I would like to say the store in Jacksboro is the friendliest store I have been in a long time. They always put a smile on my face when I go shopping. I will never forget the first time I went in that store and I was asked if I had a smart card. Kathy asked if I wanted one and I said no I don’t live in Jacksboro. She followed up by saying then I should move there and shop at fred's every day. I will never forget that day she gained a lifetime customer. I didn’t move to Jacksboro but I do visit often. I do have a smart card now. The group always shows me where the items I ask for are so I can buy them by taking me to them and not just telling me where they are. They always ask if I am having a good day or if there is anything else I need or want. They have showed me what savings I can save by using a smart card. I guess I just want to say you have a great group at this store who go out of their way to make me smile.

Congratulations Roebuck, SC!

I would like to recognize an employee of this store for the consistent superior customer service, professionalism, and work ethic that he shows. His name is Kerry and you can be proud of the way he represents your company. So many young people today do not show this level of service and I think he should be commended for the way he handles himself each and every day at work. Anytime I enter the store, he is pleasant and professional. He is always eager to help his customers. He is always busy instead of standing around, goofing off, or being glued to his phone. This young man is a shining example of the kind of employee you should strive to hire and to keep.

Congratulations Baton Rouge, LA!

I go to fred's just about every other day! fred's has just about everything in inventory that I need. I had the opportunity to meet someone by the name of Rachel. She helped me from the moment that I got in the store until I paid for my items and left. She was so soft spoken, courteous and had incredible knowledge of all of the items that were in inventory. The other cashiers and managers are very nice and courteous also!

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