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Congratulations Memphis, TN!

I truly love my fred's store on Quince Road in Memphis, TN. Mr. Bonner is always so very gracious, kind, and extremely helpful. But, of course, he’s the manager! Mr. Bonner definitely takes good care of all of his customers. Also, he has hired some pretty awesome workers too, Mr. Ronnie and Ms. V. Ms. Dot is my favorite cashier in the whole wide world! She is a friendly, cooperate, and loving person. Ms. Dot takes the time to speak to the customers and she has a gigantic warm smile that will certainly uplift you. Thanks for your time! Thanks, Mr. Fred!”

Congratulations Indianola, MS!

I would like to recognize a cashier at fred's dollar store, that goes by the name of Clarissa Carson. She is a very friendly person. She is the person that brightens my day when I go to fred's and shop. She is a very helpful person and assisted me whenever I need help. Her line is never long and she assists her customers in a timely manner, greet them properly, and always invite us to come back. I thank this young lady because she introduced me to the saving card at fred's which is a smartcard and I have been saving every since she enrolled my card. Thanks young lady for doing your job and always keep up the great work.

Congratulations Bishopville, SC!

I want to pay the highest of compliments to your staff at the Bishopville, SC store. I am asking that you please pass this compliment on to the store manager and the supervisor of this store. In the past year, I recently had back surgery. Yet no matter how tough my day was, your staff at the Bishopville store have been kind, professional, helpful and just a blessing to me and others. They never fail to greet me, to offer to help me if I am struggling with something. Honestly, the entire staff has been wonderful. I do want to tell you that you have four outstanding employees. Robin is wonderful. Tavarius is just an outstanding employee and a model employee for fred's. Sheri is great, professional, thoughtful, and does a great job. In addition, Kim is awesome too. Thank you for hiring employees at this store that make me glad I made the effort to shop at fred's. Once again, please let the staff know how much I appreciate their efforts. Thanks for having a great store with reasonable prices, merchandise I want and fantastic employees.

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