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Congratulations Americus, GA!

I just wanted to brag on my local fred's Super Dollar store. It is my favorite store. My kids say I should take up stock in fred's because I am in there so much. The fred's here is convenient and the customer service is great. I shop at fred's because nothing compares to the friendly welcomes I get. They know you by name, the store is clean and well organized, and there are always great deals. Also, the smart bucks are so great. I could not say enough about this location. Great Job!

Congratulations Philadelphia, MS!

Your Philadelphia store is the nicest store I have been in. It is very clean and your employees always go out of their way to help. I go in there with my kids all the time and they just love Kim. I went in today and my little boy was very unhappy that his friend Kim was off that day, so he could talk to her. She always treats him and my other kids, as if they are the most important people in the store when we go in and it is not just my kids either. I have seen her interact with other children the same way. Your store is clean, you have wonderful products, and your prices are outstanding; but your employees are what make your store first class. Once again, I thank you for your wonderful store and for hiring people who care so much for your store and your customers. It definitely makes bypassing other retailers worth it. Your loyal customers!

Congratulations Jacksonville, AR!

My wife and I are pleased with fred's service. They are eager to help in any way they can. The prices and products are great. My wife and I shop at fred's all the time when we need something. The management has a great attitude toward helping customers find items. I been shopping at fred's over 30 years and will continue. We love reading your ads and finding bargains.

Congratulations Marion, NC!

I am very impressed with the staff of your Marion, NC store. They are the friendliest and most helpful crew I have encountered in a discount store. The store is kept very clean and orderly. They are quick to open other checkouts, so people do not have to wait. They assist you throughout the store when you are looking for items. They know many of their customers by name and greet them when they come in. Add this to the fact that fred's has great bargains and you have a great place to shop. Your staff at this store is doing a wonderful job and it is obvious they have good managers. Thanks!

Congratulations Thomaston, GA!

Great customer service. The store was super clean. While shopping today in the Thomaston, GA store one employee went above and beyond to help me. I recently injured my shoulder and I am in a sling. Your employee Misty D. was super friendly and stayed with me and assisted me while I was grocery shopping. Misty was knowledgeable about the products I was looking for and was able to answer my questions and make suggestions to meet my needs. Misty is a truly awesome employee and thinks she deserves recognition for the great job she is doing.

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