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Congratulations Forest Park, GA!

Last week, I was in your store wanting to purchase a table that I was concerned about getting into my vehicle and I had the assistance of one of your employees, Bobbie Bell. She assured me she could help to make that happen for me if I did purchase it. To my surprise, she did help me and even got under my car to hook up bungee cords to hold it in place. I was very thankful for her help and I am very happy with my table!

Congratulations Waycross, GA!

This is my second time in this store and I love this store and the service. They speak to you as soon as you walk in. They ask you if you need anything or if you need help. This store has everything. I will be going more than once a week because of the things I saw and the great prices. And they have layaway as well, HOORAY!

Congratulations Lafayette, TN!

I want to submit a SWAN to all the team members at this particular store. All of the employees at this fred’s store provide their customers with the best care and service. They all seem to always be scurrying around like busy bees, stocking, displaying, straightening and cleaning. But they are never too busy to say hello and if they can help us find something, they do. This is the only store in our town that supplies this type of customer service. Other retail stores could definitely take lessons from fred’s! Also, I would like to say the cashiers all seem so excited about their fundraiser they are participating in raising money for the Children’s Miracle Network Hospital, such a wonderful cause! I donate every time I am in the store, which is at least every other day. I just wanted to let Fred’s Corporate know what a great store we have in our town, and hope that all the employees are commended for a job well done each and every day!

Congratulations Honea Path, SC!

My name is Sam G. and I have been in retail for 52 years. I am so happy to know that there are still stores out there that do care about the older people like me. They helped me find what I was looking for and I just want you to know what their names. They are Theresa, Teddy, and Lorrie. They were so nice to me. I thought about if there were more stores like fred's in the world that it would be a better place. They even helped me to my car and helped me put all the things I bought in my car. Thank you for the great customer service. If I still had my store, I would just have to steal everyone who works at this fred's. Your Friend!

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