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Congratulations Corsicana, TX!

When I enter fred's, I hear “welcome to fred's”. I look up and see a smiling face and they ask, “how are you?” When I was going down the aisles, a lady came up beside me and asked, “can I help you find something today?” I like to go to fred's, not just for the prices but also for the simple fact that fred's is great. The ladies that works there are always willing to answer my questions with a smile. They have knowledgeable of where things are and I feel right at home. The ladies are always so busy working, greeting the customers, and keeping the store clean. It is a nice place to find what I need and they make me feel welcome. Melba, Dusty, and Nikki keep this store clean.

Congratulations Centreville, MS!

My name is Darrell and I am a regular customer at the Centreville, Mississippi fred's store. I just want to say that I really appreciate the service Miss Laquita gave me on Saturday, June 15th. I asked Miss Laquita to help find the fred's briefs large 16ct. and with no hesitation, she searched among the hundreds of boxes received in her shipment that she was putting out and found what I needed. People like her should be recognized! Thank you Miss Laguita!

Congratulations White House, TN!

This store looks great! They have everything cleaned all nice, neat, and straight on the shelves. They always have their merchandise priced correctly. Whenever I need to know where a product is they know exactly where it is. My favorite part of my fred's shopping experience at this store is just how lovely these people are. They never forget to ask for my smartcard and they remember me when I come in the door. These folks are always asking me how my family and I are doing and they know most times what I am coming in to buy. I have even called and asked them to get my things from my list before I get there because I want to get in and out and they happily are willing to do so. I strongly recommend to all my friends and family to shop at this store and any fred's store they have near them. I am a loyal fred's shopper and always will be.

Congratulations Shreveport, LA!

I am Kenneth H. My wife Beverly H. started me shopping here. The prices are so good and the people that work there are so friendly. What I really like is how well stocked it is. It is neat and I can always find what I am looking for. My wife just recently had surgery and I have to go myself and when I go to fred's I automatically know where to go in the store. Thanks to the neatness and friendly personal, I will continue going there.

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