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Congratulations Ringgold, LA!

First let me say that I am a true “Fredhead”. Thank you for coming into my neighborhood. I was at the store last Saturday looking for some things I needed and was assisted by three of the nicest people. They were courteous, quick and very knowledgeable of the inventory. I asked for their names. They are Jaminson, Josh, and Brandy. They are truly deserving of a great big thank you and I am sure they convey to their customers the level of service sought by Fred’s Inc. Oh, and I know what it takes after spending ten years in retail sales. Thanks again to these super employees and thanks to fred's.

Congratulations Lafayette, LA!

I am writing to you to thank your people on making me feel welcome and special. I am an older lady confined to wheelchair. I came to your store to shop and could not do the shopping by myself. Your store manager Michelle helped me with all my needs she went as far as to measure jeans, due to the fact I could not get out of my wheelchair to try them on. To me small things, like this are very much appreciated and not many people will go out of the way to help the handicap. But your store on Congress helps the handicap in any way. I have witnessed them shopping for blind people as well. This store is an amazing store and we need more people like this in the world I just thought you should know.

Congratulations Milan, TN!

I was shopping in your Milan location over the weekend for school supplies for my nephews. The associate that helped me was so wonderful! Her name tag read LIZ. She was so helpful and knowledgeable with the supplies and where to find everything!

Congratulations Van Buren, AR!

I called fred's about items featured in the ads and I am never disappointed in the courtesy of whoever answers the phone, and their knowledge of the products that I am calling about or their willingness to get information for me. I truly feel they are putting the customers first, and that is not always the case with telephone calls nowadays with other companies. There are other retailers that are close to my home, but I find fred's selections are better, sales are really sales, and your customer assistance could not be better. I had another pleasant shopping time earlier this afternoon. Thank you.

Congratulations Hattiesburg, MS!

I want to send compliments (beautiful SWANs) for two of your employees at the 5266 Old Highway 11, Hattiesburg, MS 39402 store. The employee’s names are Ms. Princess Keyes and Mr. Lorne Greene. Both of these employees are so helpful and friendly. They both go above and beyond what a store could expect of an employee. The reason I shop at this fred's store, is because of the employees. I encountered Ms. Princess Keyes when she checked me out at the register. She is so kind and helpful. She is very well informed regarding the store’s merchandise. She makes customers feel good, and happy to shop at fred's. Mr. Lorne Greene is so kind. He should be a manager of the store. He knows everything about fred's merchandise, and goes out of his way to help customers. I shop at this store frequently, and Lorne always is helping customers, or busy multi-tasking doing everything to keep the store running great. Both of these employees make it a pleasure to shop at the store. Please give them both your swan award! I hope you will do all you can to retain both of these employees. They both make shopping at fred's a pleasure. Thank you!

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