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Congratulations McLeansboro, IL!

The people of this store are the friendliest people I have ever encountered in a store. I am from McLeansboro originally and still own a business there though I live about 4 hours away. I always stop into fred's while I am on business trips to McLeansboro and always find good deals there. Thought I would pass on another comment along to you about DJ Smith. Though I do not live in McLeansboro, my business (assisted living) allows me to keep up with what is happening there. DJ has done a tremendous job of raising money for cancer research and for many other things that help the people in town. She is well known for her compassion and caring attitude and that alone makes fred's look very good in this town. She is an excellent ambassador for the entire company and makes fred's look excellent locally. All her staff has the attitude that people are to be served! Since I come from a “people business”, I commend you on your people!

Congratulations Hot Springs, AR!

I was visiting my favorite fred's store here in Hot Springs, AR and was contemplating on purchasing a prepaid cell phone. Julia, the store manager, asked if she could assist me. I want to thank her for spending her valuable time with me and helping me make my decision on which was the best phone for my needs. She asked me a lot of questions about my usage and then made the recommendations for me. She knows a lot about these phones and how they work and I was appreciative of the information she gave me. She gave me a good education of them and I feel much more confident on what I was looking for. She even offered any assistance for the future if I required the help. You do not find many store retailers that are willing to give their customers this kind of attention. That is why I shop at my fred's store and will continue to do so for all my needs. Again, thank you to fred's and the special people in Hot Springs!

Congratulations Carencro, LA!

I just wanted to write you and thank you for an employee who does a wonderful job at your Carencro store. The manager Michelle is an outstanding person. I have a disability, which causes me to be on oxygen at all times. She is always smiling, greeting, and saying hello. If I am sick and do not come for a few weeks, she does notice and ask me how I am doing with everything and makes sure I am doing okay. This means a lot, few people notice when their customers are gone for a while and for her to notice it make my day. She goes as far to make sure I do not need any big items, if I do she is right there getting them for me, even if she is busy. She always walks me out to my car and puts my shopping bags in it or if she cannot, she asks an employee to do it. She is a blessing and always smiling. She makes my day a little better every time. I just wanted to thank you for your employees who care about us.

Congratulations Demopolis, AL!

Each time I go in fred's in Demopolis, AL, I am greeted with a smile and they make me feel like I am the most important person in the store. If I need help finding something, they take me right to the item and ask do I need assistance taking the merchandise up front. I receive great customer service each time I go and I will continue to shop at fred's. Can you make sure the fred's in Demopolis knows this. Thanks!

Congratulations Fort Valley, GA!

“I am new to Fort Valley, but not new to shopping at fred's. The store in Fort Valley is a real class act, from the manager, Ms. Viola, on down to the floor staff. They were so courteous and accommodating to me. I was escorted to the section I was looking for, not just pointed in the direction. No one acted as if I were disturbing them when I asked questions. Everyone was thoroughly professional and friendly at the same time. I worked in customer service in the insurance industry for nearly 30 years, and I am certainly in a position to judge excellence in customer service when I experience it. These associates are exceptional! The store is spacious, clean, laid out well, and customer friendly. I will certainly be returning!

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