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Congratulations Camden, AR!

We were passing by on our way to another retailer and saw how neat and clean fred's looked outside and decided to stop. I went inside and the store manager greeted us as we came in. I stopped at the front in shock of how clean it was and how friendly the manager was. She asked if we needed any help locating anything and she would help. My husband thought that was so kind of her and that all the other retailers that we went into never had service like this and that we needed to come shop at fred's more often. I did not know that fred's carried roses, so I bought five. We found everything that we needed and did not have to go to the other retailer after all and we will be shopping at fred's again.

Congratulations Flora, MS!

I shop in the store a lot. The people are friendly and they are very helpful. They always have a smile on their face and are willing to help me in any way they can. The cashiers are very nice, from the moment I walk in the door. They always ask how I am doing and say hello when I am checking out and they always asks did I find everything okay. The manager Tonia has even given me change out of her own pocket to help me when I have been short. I have tried to give it back, but she would not take it. Thank you for having good and helpful people in this store. I will always shop at fred's.

Congratulations Stamps, AL!

I would like to take a moment to let you know about one of your employees. Her name is Keisha and she is the reason we shop at fred's in Stamps, Arkansas. Keisha always has a smile on her face and has a way of making sure you are smiling before you leave the store. She has no problem with stopping what she is doing to help you find something or answer a question. It is not just I that she treats this way, but I have seen her with some of the elderly customers, and I cannot tell you how impressed I am. She treats them as if I would want someone to treat my mother. My kids love going to see Miss Keisha. She makes a point of engaging them and making them feel like they are important. Keisha makes you feel like you have known her forever. Good customer service is something that is very hard to find these days, so I wanted to let your company know that you have an employee that not only understands it, she goes out of her way to provide it. I can honestly say that when Keisha is working, I walk out of the store in a better mood than when I walked in.

Congratulations Fayette, AL!

I would like to say that the fred's store in Fayette, Alabama is the best fred's store in Alabama. The store appearance is always immaculate, and the level of customer service is exceptional. Every time I shop at fred's in Fayette, I know that I will be treated with respect and I can receive assistance finding a product without the employee having a bad attitude. Doug, the store manager, takes a personal interest in his customers and employees. I really appreciate having a welcoming atmosphere while shopping. I will continue to shop at this store, and I will definitely tell all of my friends and associates to shop there as well. Again, thanks for allowing the town of Fayette to have a place to shop where a customer is more like family.

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