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Congratulations Jacksboro, TX!

I just want to let you know that while visiting the fred's store last Friday I was very impressed with the people you have working for you. They were very kind and helped me from the time I walked in the door. I was greeted with a smile and helped to find stuff throughout the store. Also, it was very well organized and clean. I was made to feel like I was royalty in my own kingdom. The clerk called one of the managers to the front to help assist me and then she walked through the store with me, so I could find everything I needed for my father who has Alzheimer’s. I do not get to Jacksboro often enough but when I do, I will shop at fred's again. I hope to see their smiling faces there to help me again. Thank you fred's for having such a wonderful store in a small town.

Congratulations Stockbridge, GA!

I visited the store in Stockbridge the other day and I just want to commend them on their amazing customer service. These people are great, really! Where I usually shop, the quality of customer service does not exist, so it seems. However, it is heartwarming to shop here and the service be delivered so willingly. For example, I was looking for a particular item and with it being my first time in the store, I naturally required assistance. I asked one of the workers and with no hesitation; she stopped what she was doing to help. Then she did it with a smile. Not to mention, the store is so clean and organized. So again, I just wanted to commend them on their service and say please keep up the excellent work!

Congratulations Purvis, MS!

I would like to comment on all of the above categories for this Purvis store. This store is the best of all the stores in our area. It is clean, has well stocked shelves, wide aisles, and pleasant employees who make us feel that they value us as customers. We give a lot of credit to the manager Theresa for all she does to run this store so well. We enjoy shopping here and will continue to do so because of the appearance, the way we are treated, and the good prices.

Congratulations Lafayette, TN!

I just want to let fred's know what excellent customer service all the employee’s at our hometown fred's offers to each and every customer. I shop at fred's at least every other day, it is close to home and I am in and out in no time at all, never a waiting line like other retailers! I have witnessed all kinds of service that the employee’s provide, from shopping for the handicap who simply pull up in front of the front door. I have heard the kind caring conversations they encounter with customers. The entire team at this particular fred's location has to be one of the best! I feel they should be acknowledged for excellence in customer service! They are a big reason I am and will continue to be a Fred Head!

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