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Congratulations Carrollton GA!

We live near this fred’s store and have shopped there for five years. Just wanted to say that our experiences there have been top-notch. The store is clean and orderly, the range of merchandise is great and the employees have always been super. The store manager Denise is so nice and always helpful. We truly enjoy going there each and every time. Thanks for such a good place to shop!

Congratulations Livingston TN!

Hello, I just wanted to let you know how much I love fred’s stores. I get all of my groceries there and you have the best deals! I always stock up when you have sales and coupons available! Also, your employees are so very nice and courteous. Thank you for providing a fun shopping environment as well. I just wanted you to know your obvious quality and satisfaction standards are noticed and greatly appreciated. I will stay a loyal customer for a VERY long time. I have always been so greatly pleased with your store. Thank you so much!

Congratulations Belzoni MS!

I was shopping at the local fred’s yesterday and left my wallet behind at the checkout counter. The clerk Pamela Jackson found it after I left and kept it secure for me. She had to ask several people if they knew how to get in touch with me and finally another customer knew where I worked. She called me and I went to the store. I wanted to give her a reward but she refused it. They all do a very good job of being friendly and polite. They are more patient with the elderly than most retail stores and I think they do a really good job. So, thank you fred’s for hiring good, honest employees and thank you Pam for holding my wallet.

Congratulations Lexington GA!

I am consistently pleased with my shopping experience at your store in Lexington, GA. The store is among the cleanest and well kept that I have been in around my area. The store manager can always be counted on to deliver a smile, call me by name, and ask how my day has been. Now that is the small town store feeling that people want to experience. I am thankful for the excellent customer service this store provides me and my family every time we step foot in their store.

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