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Congratulations MILTON FL!

I would like to tell you about the Milton, FL store. The staff there is so nice that they go out of their way to make you feel good when you are shopping. They help you in every way possible making you feel like you are special. I am handicapped and they carry my stuff to the car for me. I tell them they do not have too and they let me know real quick that I am not a bother. I am so glad we have a fred’s in Milton FL. Please let the staff at fred’s know how great they are. Thank you for your time, Mrs. Andrews!

Congratulations MONROE LA!

To Whom It May Concern, I wanted to take this opportunity to share my experience at one of your store locations. The store in question is located on Louisville Avenue in Monroe. First and foremost, this store is always neat and clean, which any customer can appreciate. The staff is always friendly and they do not hesitate to go the extra mile. Without the need for me to ask, one of the gentlemen carried my drinks to the counter and then to the car, once I was done shopping. As a manager in a customer service related field, I must say that I have very high standards. Although well deserved, I know this type of positive customer experience is hard to hear about. I thought you should know your store surpassed my expectations with flying colors.

Congratulations FAYETTE AL!

I would like to express my happiness with a manager named Doug. He spends his time to explain all the items and when there is a sale. Also, he explains the conditions of using coupons and how they work. He asks for your fred’s card to save extra savings. He has a happy attitude, nice smile, and always makes you feel welcome to visit the store and invites you to come again. If you have any issue with anything in the store, he is always there to help. He learns the customer’s needs and wants, when you enter the store. I enjoy every visit in the store and would like to say that Doug needs to be acknowledged and is an excellent manager. Thank you! Doug should get a manager of the year award!

Congratulations SOUTHAVEN MS!

I am originally from NJ and we did not have fred’s up there. I have been here for about 5 years now and fred’s is my favorite store. The workers at the one I go to are so nice – the absolute BEST! They are helpful, courteous and truly seem to enjoy their jobs. Just wanted to say something nice, and thought it would be nice to have a GOOD email.

Congratulations CLEVELAND GA!

I recently moved to Cleveland, GA and I had never been to a fred’s before. I got an ad in the mail and the prices were great! I love the items that fred’s carries and there is a lot of variety, the store is always clean and tidy. Everything is easy to find, and the staff is great! Thank you for such a great store! I will be frequenting fred’s quite often.

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