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Congratulations LEXINGTON, GA!

I would like for you all to know I am a regular customer that goes into the Lexington, GA store. Every time I have been in there, and it is usually every day or every other day that I am in there, all of the employees and managers are super. They are very kind, courteous, and respectful. If you are just looking, they ask if they can help, you find anything. The manager is the nicest lady I have ever met. She goes above and beyond to make her customers happy. She helps them in anyway and is very respectful to everyone. So I hope you take this in consideration to let them know that they are GREAT! Thank you very much. Also, the Pharmacy employee’s are GREAT. The store is always nice, clean, and in order.

Congratulations MILTON FL!

To Whom It May Concern, I would like to recognize a few employees of this store. Their names are Wanda, Linda, Rick, and Sue. I recently shopped in the store with a disabled friend. We were greeted in friendly manner. The moment we entered the store, I asked where a certain item was located, your staff escorted us down the aisles to the merchandise that eluded me, rather than pointing me down an aisle. Rick also loaded merchandise into our vehicle and Linda assisted me with our wheelchair. Their professional behavior is to be commended. I will be a faithful customer and will tell everyone I know about the customer service I received in this store.

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