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Congratulations White Oak, TX!

My cashier was very nice and friendly. She greeted me upon entry, helped me find the items I needed, and was all around wonderful. This was the best customer service I have had in a long time.

Congratulations Rolling Fork, MS!

I have to say, I received the best service I have ever had. The young manager there was very polite and extremely informed about customer needs. I observed him helping other customers before I approached him for assistance. Everyone seemed to adore him and I can see why. You have a treasure in Rolling Fork. I will definitely continue to visit that store for my weekly shopping needs for our learning center.

Congratulations Rolling Fork, MS!

I would like to give a comment to the manager and the store at the fred’s in Rolling Fork, I believe his name is Tim. Everytime that I come to this store, the customer service is great, the store looks immaculate, with everything neat and in its correct place. I don’t usually comment on a store because a lot of stores in my opinion weren’t worth commenting on, in this case I’ll make an exception. Keep up the good work Tim and your crew and I will shop at this store in the future.

Congratulations Chickamauga, GA!

I have shopped at the Chickamauga, GA fred’s since it opened. I have always been a happy customer. However the store has improved significantly since Patrick O’Neal became the Store Manager. The product selection is excellent. The employees are customer focused and very polite. The parking lot has been improved. Patrick is such an exceptional leader and hard worker. Please recognize Patrick for all that he does and the many skills and talents he brings to the table. Patrick and the Chickamauga, GA store are assets to your organization.

Congratulations Jonesboro, LA!

I had the best experience at the fred’s in Jonesboro. The store was so clean and well maintained. The lady that helped, Sandy, was very knowledgeable about the store and the location of everything. I noticed while I was there that she was a very hard worker, and was always getting something done or helping customers. It is very rare to find that kind of worker these days, and I wanted to compliment her on a job well done.

Congratulations Greensboro, GA!

I travel through Greensboro on business quite frequently, and being the spend-thrift that I am, I often stop at your fred’s store there. Over the past several years, I’ve become acquainted with Melody and Miranda, as I see them both a good deal maybe twice a month or more. Each and every time, they greet me as if I’m family. Their attentiveness, professionalism, and friendly overall demeanor are a credit to your company. I have never seen them in an idle mode. Both of them seem to be immersed in their duties throughout the store; so much so, I actually go on a hunt for them, so I don’t miss their welcoming smiles. I always look forward to my visits to Greensboro, and even more so, because I tend to look forward to my short visits and chats with both Melody and Miranda.

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